20-21 September 2017
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 September 2017
20-21 September 2017, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 September 2017, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND
WoodTECH provides a unique independent platform for Australasian companies to evaluate the very latest wood scanning, sawmilling equipment and mill maintenance tools from around the globe.

Event Details

What’s Planned for 2017?

Two years ago – over two weeks – FIEA’s WoodTECH conference series achieved a record turnout of sawmilling companies drawn from throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Over 350 delegates from all major sawmilling companies in the region in addition to leading technology providers from throughout Australasia, North America and Europe converged on Melbourne, Australia and Rotorua, New Zealand.

Two years later, in September 2017, WoodTECH 2017 will again be attracting scanning and sawing technology specialists, innovators and leading practitioners from around the world. The two-day programmes will provide;

New Technology Updates

A focused and independent platform will showcase the very latest in wood scanning, sawmilling, and mill optimisation technologies from around the globe. This will be achieved through a series of tailored presentations and on-site exhibitions.

Key companies presenting include; USNR, US/Canada, Autolog, Canada, HewSaw, Finland, MiCROTEC, Italy, ScanWare, Sweden, JoeScan, USA

Programmes Available
World Class Workshops

For the first time in Australia and New Zealand, a series of practical workshops have been set up for local mills. They’re aimed at sawmill production and operational staff. They’ll provide a unique insight into how sawmills can extract the best performance out of their saws, their machine centres and sawing operations. Workshops of between 60-120 minutes are being given on;

  1. Quality & lumber size control
  2. Troubleshooting and improving bandmill, gang and board edger performance
  3. Selecting, operating and maintaining log carriage and optimiser (softwood and hardwood) operations)
  4. Sawguide selection, installation, operation and maintenance

The objective this year is to encourage sawmill teams – management, mill production, saw-doctors and maintenance staff – to take advantage of the line-up of international specialists being brought into the region to work alongside local mills. This will ensure that teams can collectively put the practical learnings into practice once back on site.

Workshop presenters include; Nick Barrett, SiCam Systems, Canada, Joe Shields, USNR, USA, Harry Penn, USNR, Canada, Marv Bernhagen, Lewis Controls, USA, Chuck Boaz, Corley Manufacturing, USA, Ralph Wijesinghe, Canada (Author of the Bandmill Book), Josh Bergen, Precision Manufacturing, Canada, Udo Jahn, Modern Engineering, Canada.

Who Will Attend?

The New Zealand and Australian wood processing industry, including:

  • Sawmill site managers
  • Sawmill green-mill, production and engineering managers
  • Mill supervisors, maintenance and production staff
  • Mill and lumber Q.C. personnel
  • Saw-doctors
  • Local and international equipment, product and service suppliers

Latest Updates

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Past Event – WoodTECH 2015

WoodTECH 2015 saw record numbers of Australasia’s sawmilling companies and local and international tech providers turn up. Details of those key suppliers from around the world involved in the series can be seen below. Two two-day events, one in Melbourne, Australia and the other in Rotorua, New Zealand ran with over 350 participating in the technology series run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA).

Key companies exhibiting in WoodTECH 2015 included;

Comact, Canada, USNR,USA/Canada, HewSaw, Finland, MiCROTEC, Italy, ScanMeg, Canada, Brunson Instrument Company, USA/UK, AriVislanda, Sweden, CalSaw, USA, JoeScan, USA, Checkmate Precision Cutting Tools, NZ,

Andritz Pulp & Paper, NZ, Metriguard, USA, HOLTEC Timber Technology, NZ, Keyknife/Braford Industries, Australia, WoodEye, Sweden, Thode Knife & Saw, Australia/NZ, Southern Cross Engineering, Australia/NZ, Signode, Australia/NZ, Automation & Electronics, NZ, Calibre Equipment, NZ, Lewis Controls/Corley Manufacturing, USA

Lucidyne Technologies, USA, Acora, Australia, Supply Services, NZ, Worksafe NZ, NZ, SEW Eurodrive, NZ, Packaging House, NZ, Brevini NZ, NZ, Competenz, NZ, Autolog, Canada, Soderhamn, Sweden, Skookum Technology, NZ, CarboTech International, Canada, EWD, Germany, DO2, Canada, Gilbert, Canada, SPRINGER, Austria, Finlease, Australia.

Event Programme

We have worked closely with a wide range of New Zealand and international companies, service suppliers, researchers and government bodies to develop a strong and innovative programme. The programme AND full event brochure is available to view below.

Programme Summary

Session 1: A World Tour - Technology updates on global advances in sawmilling, wood scanning & mill optimisation
TECH Talks - Short presentations on new product innovations
Session 2: Thinking Outside the Square - Disruptive technologies that will change how sawmillers run their business
Session 3: Minimising risk within the mill
Workshop 1: Quality Control & Lumber Size Control
Networking Drinks
Industry Dinner
Session 4: Understanding and getting the very best out of your sawing operations
Workshop 2: Troubleshooting & Improving Mill (Bandmill, Gang & Board Edger) Performance
Workshop 3: Selecting, Operating and Correctly Maintaining your Log Carriage and Optimiser
TECH Talks
Workshop 4: Saw Guide Selection, Installation, Operation and Maintenance to Improve Sawing Accuracy
Interactive Focus Group Discussions


WORKSHOP 1: Quality and Size Control Workshop

PRESENTER: Nick Barrett, President, SiCam Systems, Canada

1. Size Control Overview

Establishing the importance of value. Analysing the financial impacts in the mill. Methods of analysing a QC program throughout the sawmill and planer to ensure the fastest payback can be achieved.

Key Topics include: ● Size Control Objectives ● Value and Recovery ● Understanding Variation ● Understanding Target Size ● Size Control Process (Size Control, Planer Drill Test) and ● Economic Analysis.

2. Manual Collection Tools

Reporting and understanding manual information being collected from lumber size measurements

Key Topics include: ● Summary Reporting Analysis ● Machine Centre Reporting (Control Charts, Histograms) ● Shape Analysis Corporate Data Summary (KPI reporting) and ●Examples

3. RealtimeQuality Control Tools

Understanding the next steps in quality control with tools that can measure a much larger sample of timber. Realtime online quality control systems go way beyond just measuring sizes and are being used for both optimizer verification and actual machine adjustments (closed loop control).

Key Topics include: ● Realtime Measurement Technologies (Laser Line, Single Point Laser, Scanner Integrations) ● Size Control Scanning Applications ● Examples of Realtime data (actual mill scenarios) ● Closed Loop Size Control Applications and Examples.

WORKSHOP 2: Troubleshooting & Improving Mill (Bandmill, Gang & Board Edger) Performance

PRESENTERS: Joe Shields, Machinery Support Technician, USNR, USA
[1.5 HOURS]

  • Understanding Machine Performance Criteria
  • How to do a routine inspection of a Gang & Board Edger
  • Various PMs
    • How to determine if the Linear Positioner is performing properly
    • Monitoring your arbor & feed drive amp loads and what it tells you
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Troubleshooting / Sawmill Maths
  • Balance Saw Performance / Sawmill Maths
  • Video Comparisons (Show Baseline)
  • Tuning Feed Speeds & Chip Depth and Area
  • What is world class uptime for sawmills?
    • What is best and what is the average being achieved?
    • What are the fundamental maintenance practices that the most “uptime successful” mills use?
  • What are the best stand-alone tools and systems available for measuring and reporting (numbers, graphs, charts etc) mill performance in:
    • Quality – size accuracy (WBV, BBV), woodchip quality
    • Saw performance feedback for sawshop
    • Saw number vs cutting accuracy, maintenance history…
    • Productivity:
    • Individual machines– (rim speed, sawing variation, wood in saw, passes per minute, mpm, uptime, downtime reasons, OEE etc…)
    • Mill performance – (input, output, values, yields, margins, order status etc)
  • Tools and techniques for on the job training in sawmill maintenance & operator training
  • Smart ways of modernising old mechanical technology without breaking the bank
WORKSHOP 3: Selecting, Operating and Correctly Maintaining your Log Carriage and Optimiser in Softwood and Hardwood Operations

PRESENTERS: Marv Bernhagen, VP/COO, Lewis Controls, USA & Chuck Boaz, President,
Corley Manufacturing, USA
[1 HOUR]

1. Mechanical factors to consider when planning a Carriage Headrig project

  • Carriage Homework
    • Products and objective (products, yield, grade recovery, piece count, future log supply, lengths, diameters, weights)
    • Available space in the sawmill
    • To tilt or not to tilt (turn sequence is the real key)
    • Downstream equipment and how to tie the carriage to it
    • Budget – Buying what you need, not necessarily what is being “sold”
    • Exactly what equipment will you need other than the carriage – (drives, decks, turners)
    • Assessing skill level and experience of mechanical and electrical staff
  • Keys to a mechanical installation
    • Alignment and levelling – (Start with the tracks and work up)
    • Consider elevations all the way through the process
  • Carriage add-ons. What makes sense for your mill
  • After the startup – Daily, weekly, monthly checks

2. Optimisation – Why is a Carriage Scanning and Optimisation system different than a Single Pass (Sharp Chain) type system – One size rarely fits all.

  • Sawyer Controls – How they influence productivity
    • Ergonomics, visibility, displays
  • Grade sawing versus Production sawing – Hardwood philosophy vs. Softwood
    • Minimum opening faces versus computed solution
  • Focus your attention on getting the “most” out of your scanning system
    • Don’t over complicate things
    • Optimise for 95% of cases, not 5% of them
    • Remember that regardless of what the “computer” decides, a man will make a decision on every sawline
    • Troubleshooting tools reviewed
  • Management and Maintenance reporting options as a QC tool
WORKSHOP 4: Saw Guide Selection, Installation, Operation and Maintenance to Improve Sawing Accuracy

PRESENTERS: Josh Bergen, Owner, Precision Manufacturing, Canada & Udo Jahn, General Manager, Modern Engineering, Canada
[1 HOUR]

  1. Saw Guide Maintenance
    Addressing common issues seen when installing and troubleshooting equipment across Canada and the US.

    • Guide theory
    • Maintaining accuracy
    • Measuring to a high degree of accuracy in sawmill environments – Foreign material and thermal issues
    • Common guide wear
    • When guide damage happens
    • Pre – and – Post machining checks
    • Guide inspection techniques – Gang and Edger
    • Guide dressers
  2. Updates to historical babbitt design and saw cooling
    New mold design and “real-world” examples from Canada (the first manufacturer in North America to design and implement babbitt molds based on recent testing (done in the last couple years) for increased saw cooling and improved lubrication).
  3. Innovations in precision CNC guide dressing of saw guides
  4. Selecting saw guides – what to look for
  5. Working alongside your supplier or manufacturer

Additional Meetings

Changing Perceptions of Engineered Timber in Construction

Extra one-day conference added to WoodTECH 2017
28 September 2017, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND

As an added bonus for those attending the WoodTECH 2017 conference in New Zealand, a one-day conference, Changing Perceptions of Engineered Timber in Construction will be run on the day after the WoodTECH 2017 conference, on Thursday 28 September. It’s in Rotorua, it’s at the same venue and is likely to appeal to many of those in town attending the two-yearly sawing, scanning and mill optimisation event.

The Second Annual Changing Perceptions of Engineered Timber in Construction conference will be showcasing the use of engineered timber internationally as well as explore changes in timber use in New Zealand. The value of wood will be explored from different angles, including both emotive and economic responses to engineered timber buildings.

International speakers will share their experiences and learnings from overseas. Topics will include architectural, engineering and construction
aspects of engineered timber buildings. This event is being hosted by a collaboration of local, regional and central government organisations with
support from the Timber Design Society.

If making travel plans for Rotorua in this week, you may well look to capitalise on the extra day on offer. For further information and registrations for the event, please click here.

Event Sponsors

FIEA Event Partners

Media Partners

Event Supporters

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

WoodTECH 2017 sponsorship and exhibition details for both New Zealand and Australia are available. Exhibition spaces are, once again, filling quickly. If you would like to register your interest, please use the included form. Updates on the planned series will also be provided regularly through the region’s most widely read e-newsletters, www.fridayoffcuts.com and www.woodweek.com.

WoodTECH 2015 offered a tremendous opportunity for companies involved in wood scanning, sawing and mill optimisation technologies to maximize their exposure to New Zealand and Australia’s wood processing and manufacturing companies.

Record numbers of key suppliers from throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Sweden, Finland, the UK and Italy were involved in WoodTECH 2015.

Feedback from all those participating has been overwhelmingly positive with a significant amount of business being done over the two weeks that the WoodTECH 2015 series ran. It was the largest ever gathering yet seen of sawmilling companies and suppliers at one place in both Australia and New Zealand. Exhibition spaces for this event were at a premium and a number who registered interest closer to the events running were unfortunately unable to be accommodated.

FIEA has a well-deserved reputation of providing both sponsors and exhibitors with a unique platform for promoting their products and services to the industry in BOTH New Zealand and Australia. For a full range of event sponsorship options, partnership arrangements and advertising opportunities, please complete the web form or contact;

Gordon Thomson, Sponsorship Manager, (+64) 7 921 1384 or (+64) 27 275 8022, gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz.


Distinction Rotorua Hotel, NEW ZEALAND

390 Fenton Street, Rotorua, New Zealand

With its beautiful garden setting and located just minutes from the city centre, Distinction Rotorua Hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a big day at the conference. After the event, this hotel is also a great base to enjoy the wealth of attractions and activities Rotorua has to offer.

Free car parking is available at the venue, however, spaces are limited and hotel guests take priority.

Special accommodation rates are available to delegates for a limited time:

  • $160 Superior Room
  • $180 Deluxe Room
  • $220 Junior Suites
  • $240 Executive Suites

All rates include GST and are per room per night, based on single or double share occupancy.

Please book accommodation directly with the Distinction Rotorua Hotel via the online booking button below. If you have difficulties in using the online booking, you can call 0800 654 789, (+64) 7 349 5200 or email reservations@distinctionrotorua.co.nz.

If planning on staying at the conference venue, Distinction Rotorua Hotel, we recommend you book your accommodation early. As a tourist destination, rooms in this hotel tend to fill very quickly.

Book NZ Accommodation

Bayview Eden Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

6 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Perfectly positioned for business and pleasure. Bayview Eden Melbourne is located adjacent to the beautiful Albert Park Lake & Golf Course and close to all Melbourne has to offer.

Special accommodation rates are available to delegates for a limited time:

  • $162 – Superior Queen or Twin Room only

Accommodation rates include GST.

Please book accommodation directly with the Bayview Eden via the online booking button below. If you have difficulties in using the online booking, you can call (+61) 3 9250 2222 and email bayvieweden@bayviewhotels.com.

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  • The conference above rates are per person and do not include registration for the conference dinner.
  • All prices exclude 10% GST for the Australian event and 15% GST for New Zealand event.
  • A credit card fee of 2.2% applies to credit card transactions for the Australian event and 2.5% for the New Zealand event.
  • Attendance to the conference dinner is optional and will be charged at the rate above if selected. The conference dinner is on the evening of Day One of both events.
  • Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) member discounts of 10-25% apply on ALL listed Conference Rates. FIEA Membership Details and Benefits can be seen on www.fiea.org.nz. Membership status and discounts available can be checked by calling our FIEA offices.
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  • To be eligible for the Early Bird rate, registrations and payment must be received on or BEFORE the due date listed above. All discounts require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount.
  • Any discounts offered (including group discounts) require payment at the time of registration.
  • Your conference registration payment covers the morning and afternoon teas, lunches, refreshments, a conference handbook and access to presentations (electronic download for those presentations where presenter approval has been given).
  • Cancellation policy: For cancellations before Friday 18 August 2017 a 10% administration fee applies. Cancellations received after this date are non-refundable but are transferrable. Please allow 30 days for refunds to be processed. If you wish to transfer your registration to another individual from within your company, please provide us with at least 24 hours advance notice.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the programme when required.
  • Click here for our full terms and conditions.



Since 1998 the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA), a division of Innovatek Ltd, has run an extensive series of technology related events for Australasian forest products companies. Over 200 conferences, trade shows and exhibitions have been run for local companies.

FIEA’s objective is to improve the performance and productive capability of forestry and wood products companies in the region. It is now recognized as one of the most effective information providers for the Australasian forestry & wood products industries.

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