FIEA delivers world class technology events for Australasian forest products companies.

We provide a unique and independent platform to showcase new and emerging technologies to the industry.

Since 1998 the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) has designed, managed and run over 500 conferences, trade shows and exhibitions for local companies. Our objective is to improve the performance and productive capability of forestry and wood products companies in the region.

FIEA is recognised as one of the most effective information providers for the Australasian forestry & wood products industries.


FIEA Events 2019

June 2019

HarvestTECH 2019

26-27 June 2019

Showcasing new innovations, operating practices and safety improvements best suited to our local harvesting and contractor operations.

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September 2019

WoodTECH 2019

11-12 Sept 2019

17-18 Sept 2019
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Wood scanning, sawing & sawmill optimisation

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November 2019

ForestTECH 2019

13-14 Nov 2019
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

19-20 Nov 2019

Forest data collection, remote sensing and inventory management

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Future FIEA Events

Dates TBC

Forest Industry Safety Summit

Showcases new practices, systems and tools for improving forest safety – focused on local and practical outcomes.

Last held for New Zealand and Australia in August 2018.

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Dates TBC

Wood Flow Optimisation

Provides practical tools, new innovations and key insights to improve the wood supply chain’s planning, logistics and operations.

Last held for New Zealand and Australia in June 2018.

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Dates TBC

Wood Innovations

Provides critical insights into new wood treatments and engineering innovations that are currently changing how business in this region is conducted.

Last held for New Zealand and Australia in May 2016

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FIEA Events

FIEA runs a regular series of conferences, practical workshops and managed exhibitions every year.

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TECH Updates

FIEA Members receive a comprehensive resource on new forest and wood products technologies.

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FIEA Members

FIEA provides extensive membership benefits through FIEA events, TECH updates and industry news.

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Industry Map

NEW map is available combining the wood processing and manufacturing operations of NZ and Australia.

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Featured Updates

Event Updates


The Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) runs a regular series of conferences, practical workshops and managed exhibitions. These are run principally in New Zealand and Australia every year with over 500 events run since 1998.

Leading forestry and wood product companies, key product and service suppliers to the industry, researchers and technology providers from throughout the world are involved. The focus is on profiling new and emerging technologies that can be readily adopted by local companies. The very latest innovations, research and operating practices best suited to the local wood resource and the size and maturity of the industry are selected.

FIEA technology events are independent. They have a CLEAR FOCUS – to improve YOUR operating efficiencies, profitability and international competitiveness.


Australia & New Zealand
Forestry Products Industry Map 2018

The THIRD edition of a full colour map combining the wood processing and manufacturing operations of BOTH New Zealand and Australia.

  • A new industry resource updating the SOLD OUT 2016 issue.
  • Features over 50 major updates to mill locations, ownership and production.
  • 186 wood processing operations listed; Includes 72 sawmills, all fibreboard, particleboard, plywood, pulp & paper, veneer/LVL/CLT, paperboard and chip export operations along with major wood manufacturing operations.
  • Now the most up-to-date industry reference providing an essential mapping resource for New Zealand and Australian wood products companies.
  • Actual size: 980mm wide x 680mm tall.

Laminated Flat Maps


+ gst each

1-9 Folded Maps


+ GST Each

10-25 Folded Maps


+ GST Each
Please Note:
  • Prices are the same in both New Zealand dollars and Australian Dollars.
  • GST is ONLY applicable to orders placed WITHIN New Zealand OR Australia. New Zealand GST is 15% and Australian GST is 10%.
  • FIEA Members receive a 10% discount.

For our full set of terms & conditions, shipping and return policies, click here.

Postage & Handling Rates:
  • $15 New Zealand
  • $25 Australia
  • $35 Other (international orders outside of New Zealand and Australia)
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100's of papers available to FIEA Members

This detailed and comprehensive resource has been set up specifically for FIEA members.

FIEA manages an extensive series of technology events each year for forest products companies. This page, Technology Updates, provides a selection of up to ten papers/presentations for each event (usually posted within two-three months after the event). These recent papers/presentations can ONLY be read and downloaded by FIEA members.

A couple of presentations have been included on the right to give you a preview of the type of content available to FIEA Members.

Membership details can be found on the Membership Page. For members who have forgotten their membership number, please contact our offices.

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FIEA’s activities are assisted throughout the year through the generous support of FIEA Partners. Their sponsorship and support assists FIEA to bring a wide range of technology events to Australasian forestry and wood products companies each year. The targeted promotional benefits and opportunities for product and service promotion offered through annual sponsorship compared to individual event sponsorship are substantial.

For further information on longer term sponsorship and branding opportunities through FIEA’s range of technology events/resources, contact or contact one of our FIEA offices.


Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) members are provided an extensive range of benefits. Working closely with forestry and wood products companies throughout Australasia, the membership benefits have been structured to provide a package of services not being covered by other industry groupings.

Membership rates are low by industry standards. Membership is voluntary. It’s also not being set by any collected levy. FIEA members join only if they see real value in the array of discounts being offered through the technology programmes and resources that are being supplied.

FIEA Membership Benefits

1) FIEA Technology Events & Resources:

  • Save 10% – 25% off standard FIEA event registrations
  • Save 10% off ALL FIEA resources (maps, books and related products)
  • Exclusive FIEA Member online access to new technology resources.
  • This includes hundreds of the very latest presentations and papers from FIEA technology events. This resource is being used extensively by member companies as an essential up-to-date reference for evaluating new and emerging technologies, for troubleshooting and for on-site training.

2) Friday Offcuts & WoodWeek:

  • Save 25% off all Friday Offcuts and WoodWeek advertising, including buy & sell and job classifieds.

3) Industry Trade Magazines Annual Subscriptions:

  • FREE NZ Logger
  • FREE International Forest Industries
  • FREE Australasian Forests & Timber News
  • FREE Australasian Timber

Technology Updates on the FIEA website is one of the most comprehensive listing of resources available on any one website. The resource is being used extensively by member companies as an essential up-to-date reference for evaluating new and emerging technologies, for troubleshooting and for on-site training. Over 150 plus presentations/papers are able to be accessed by FIEA members.

FIEA is also now the largest provider of weekly and monthly forest products news in Australasia. In addition to breaking news and technology updates every week through Friday Offcuts and WoodWeek, free copies of FOUR leading industry magazines are sent directly to all FIEA members to ensure they stay abreast of key issues that will impact on their business.

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The Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA), a division of Innovatek Ltd, has since 1998 been running an extensive series of technical programmes for forestry and wood products companies. Programmes are being run, over 500 at last count, for both New Zealand and Australian operations.

An independent forum for local companies is provided by FIEA to evaluate new technologies. Networking with other companies and leading local and international technology providers is also a significant benefit of these events.

Forestry and wood products companies, largely distant from most major technology providers, can through FIEA, evaluate a wide range of new and emerging technologies suited to their own operations. FIEA is well established as a leading provider of technology transfer services for forest products companies.


FIEA Contact Details

  (+64) 7 921 1382
  1800 126 398 (from Australia)

Rotorua Office

Forest Industry Engineering Association
Building X91, Sala Street,
Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

PO Box 1230,
Rotorua 3040, New Zealand

Ph (+64) 7 921 1382

Dunedin Office

Forest Industry Engineering Association
c/o Distinction Dunedin Hotel,
6 Liverpool Street,
Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

PO Box 904,
Dunedin 9054, New Zealand

Ph (+64) 3 470 1902

Forest Industry Engineering Association: A division of Innovatek Ltd

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