20-21 June 2017, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND
HarvestTECH provides an essential and independent platform to showcase new innovations and operating practices suited to local harvesting operations. Over 450 foresters and contractors attended HarvestTECH 2017!

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HarvestTECH 2017 – Event Summary

Logging industry gather in New Zealand

As anticipated, the two-yearly logging event in New Zealand, HarvestTECH 2017 that ran on 20-21 June 2017 was again a SELL-OUT. It was without doubt, the wood harvesting event of the year for Australasia. Like the 2015 event run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA), the 2017 event SOLD out 4-5 weeks before the event ran.

HarvestTECH 2017 was the largest gathering yet seen in New Zealand. Around 450 logging contractors, forestry managers, forest owners, harvest planners along with all of the major equipment suppliers to the logging industry in this part of the world met in Rotorua. In addition to having most logging contractors from throughout New Zealand attending, the FIEA event drew in a large contingent of contractors and forest managers from throughout Australia, as well as attracting key equipment suppliers, researchers, forestry companies and international contractors from Europe, the US, Canada, Papua New Guinea and Asia.

As well as the two-day conference and over 40 displays, two one-day field tours ran for HarvestTECH 2017 delegates. The Forest Growers Research Tour visited a local logging contractor to demonstrate innovative products and equipment that had been developed by equipment manufacturers in conjunction with FGR and logging contractors. The AB Equipment Harvesting Tour was the second to be run and visited two logging sites in the Tokoroa region in the central North Island,

HarvestTECH 2017 has been the largest gathering of wood harvesting operations in New Zealand seen over the last two years. As the feedback has told us, it’s been a unique opportunity for all logging contractors and key technology and equipment providers. It gets them away from their work places, it enables some of the best industry networking opportunities and provides a place to learn from some truly innovative operators and suppliers.

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HarvestTECH 2017 in the Media

New Zealand’s most dangerous industry, forestry, is turning to technology to help speed up production while also saving lives [TVNZ]

What was Covered?

  • Recent innovations in steep slope and winch assist harvesting – NZ, US and European
  • Getting the best out of existing hauler operations
  • Harvest planning – new systems really making a difference
  • Effective use of collected data from your harvesting operation
  • Options for eliminating log sorts and reducing landing sizes
  • Tools for harvesting greater volumes from smaller woodlots
  • LiDAR and other remote sensing technologies for harvest planning and operations
  • Meeting new environmental and water quality requirements
  • Satellite solutions for improving in-forest communications
  • Increased automation and mechanisation – new R&D
  • Remote control, robotics, virtual reality and automation in the bush
  • Filling the skills gap in harvesting
  • Innovative harvesting operations – underwater and helicopter logging

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Who Attended?

  • Harvesting contractors
  • Forestry managers
  • Forest owners
  • Harvest planners
  • Wood flow planners
  • Technical foresters
  • Forestry H&S managers
  • Forestry consultants
  • Forestry & harvesting researchers
  • Harvesting equipment engineers
  • Technology, equipment or service suppliers to wood harvesting operations

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Sponsorship Opportunities

HarvestTECH offers a tremendous opportunity for companies involved in supplying equipment, products and services to Australasia’s booming logging industry. Like registrations to the June 2017 conference, sponsorship and exhibition places were booked out well in advance of the HarvestTECH 2017 event running.

Plan to be part of another major technology event run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) or add to your own marketing and communications network to this part of the forest industry by using our weekly e-newsletters.

Upcoming FIEA events linked to the logging and wood transport industries in this part of the world include the Wood Flow, Transport & Logistics event being planned for mid-year in 2018 or HarvestTECH 2019. Sponsorship and branding opportunities have also just been opened up to the region’s most widely read weekly e-newsletters, WoodWeek and Friday Offcuts.

For a full range of sponsorship and branding options, please contact Gordon Thomson, Sponsorship Manager, (+64) 7 921 1384 , (+64) 27 275 8022, or gordon.thomson@fiea.org.nz.

  • “Great event for networking – everyone from the industry is there”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor
  • “Interesting speakers and good level of breaks to network”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor
  • “Interaction with forestry contractors was excellent”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor
  • “I expect to pick up new business as result of this event”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor
  • “Well set up event, with great preparation and organisation”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor
  • “Excellent exposure to the forest industry”HarvestTECH 2017 Sponsor

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