2018 Technology Events Calendar for FIEA & Innovatek

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We are pleased to announce the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) events being planned for 2018.

Full details are listed below and in the FIEA Events Planner. Please mark these in your calendar. If you are keen to be part of any of these events, either as a potential speaker, supporter or have other ideas, we are interested in talking with you as we start developing the programmes.

We have been extremely happy with the high level of attendance and participation at FIEA’s technology events this past year. Over 1,500 representatives from throughout New Zealand and Australia’s wood products & forest industries attended FIEA’s events in 2017.

“As well highlighting local innovation, we are always grateful to the many international technology leaders and experts that travel down from Europe, North America and other locations around the world,” said FIEA Director, Brent Apthorp.

“We have a packed calendar for 2018 and are really looking forward to another exciting year,” said Mr Apthorp.

FIEA technology events being planned for 2017 include;

WoodFlow 2018
Harvesting | Wood Transport | Logistics
20-21 June 2018, Melbourne, Australia
26-27 June 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand

Forest Industry Safety & Technology 2018
8 August 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand
15 August 2018, Melbourne, Australia

WoodTECH 2018
Drymill Scanning | Wood Machining | Timber Manufacturing
11-12 September 2018, Melbourne, Australia
18-19 September 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand

ForestTECH 2018
Date Collection & Management | Remote Sensing | Mobile Communications & GIS
14-15 November 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand
20-21 November 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Other technology events being planned;

ForestTECHx (North America) 
6-7 March 2018, Vancouver, Canada

MobileTECH 2018
Primary Industries – Innovation through smart data
27-28 March 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand

ProteinTECH 2018
Food without Farming
10 May 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

Changing Perceptions 2018
Design | Engineer | Specify
28 August 2018, Rotorua, New Zealand

Mark the dates into your 2018 calendars. At this early stage, if interested in either presenting or exhibiting, let us know and if appropriate, we can look to build you into the planned programmes.

Attached for your information is a PDF of 2018 Technology Events which provides you with further information on the schedule of tech events planned for next year.